I Believe We Can
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Episódio: "Phineas e Ferb: Este Verão é Teu"
Duração: 1:31
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Actual: I Believe We Can
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Clay Aiken: What is a summer really
But a tepid month or three?
Ferb: Caly Aiken?
Phineas: Sim contratei um cantor, o que é que achas? Clay Aiken: And if you agree with Buford
That's all it will ever be
And we don't need to break the laws of physics
To make a day that's longer than a day
We can follow that old sun round the circumference of the globe
And stop all the naysayers from naysay... ing
Cause I believe we can
And that's the measure, the measure of a man
It may sound far-fetched, this thing we've got planned
But I believe we can
I believe we can (Ooh, I believe, I believe we can)
And that's the measure, the measure of a man (Oh, that's the measure of a man)
Phineas: Chaka Khan, vixi We'll make it back here (We'll make it back here) to where we began...(Oh...)
Phineas: Então o plano é esse
Chaka Khan: Of course, first you're gonna have to fix this wing, yeah!
Hey where's Perry?

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